About Us

T-Sec is more than security and project management. We are in the business of creating wins for others. Our passion is fueled by helping our partners achieve their goals and reach new milestones. When you win, we win.

Modern Twist on a Winning Formula

Security at every stage of development

For years, successful global brands have safeguarded their business initiatives. The automotive industry cloaks their vehicle concepts. The Walt Disney Company safeguards their film and theme park productions. Apple, famously, has a heavy approach to secrecy and confidentiality.

Moving security out of siloed teams and into daily operations delivers projects more efficiently, confidently, and safely. T-Sec brings our extensive experience building these protective frameworks to firms with a desire to have custom solutions that align with their overall business environment.

At T-Sec, we evaluate project development cycles to assess where there are risks that could impact your projects and to ensure peace of mind. We operate under the mantra "never assume something you can check," because we know that there is room for security integration at every stage of project development and within virtually every team at any organization.

What Makes Us Different

We think like you

We gathered a team of top talent from high tech companies and leading firms across multiple industries. To name a few, we come from the worlds of Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon. To balance us out, we also bring experience from film, fashion, automotive and jewelry industries. Our diverse experience pool allows us to develop programs that leverage all perspectives to deliver tailored and thoughtful solutions that are in line with today's business.

Our pricing is in line with the industry, but we’ve evaluated our pricing structure to encompass a more robust standard package. Modernizing our services allows TSec to provide you more for your money; such as our mobile dashboard, support services and dedicated management at no additional charge.


Our 3T Commitment

Protecting our clients while remaining nimble

Before we embark on any new projects or attempt to integrate solutions for our clients, T-Sec always dedicates time to revisit the three pillars that set the foundation for our service: Thoughtful, Tailored and Today.

  • Business safeguarding security design must be thoughtful.
  • Integration plans must be tailored to the Client's business culture.
  • Overall, all T-Sec solutions must align with the modern business practices of today.

By starting with these principles for any project, we're able to ensure that our programs are successful and easily implemented across entire organizations while still being comprehensive and state-of-the-art.