Our Services

T-Sec brings experience in a long list of business related operations. Our goal is to provide you with time back to your day. We highlight our expertise to your advantage by creating operational plans and support models that allow you to focus on your stakeholders. You focus on fun stuff, we will take care of the rest.

Below is a quick glimpse of our high demand programs. Reach out to T-Sec to learn more about our full catalogue of services.


Design Development Cycles

From conceptual design to end of life cycle, T-Sec brings years of experience in supporting projects and product initiatives through their development process. We evaluate your IP, patents, trade secrets, vendors to implement a safeguarding strategy that's designed for you.


Field Test Engineering

To deliver global products and experiences, we know firms have a need to take their unreleased projects on the road. There's value in facilitating these projects through a security lens, as we can work through venue selections, global shipping, regional storage solutions, and much more.


Supply Chain Security

Secure your supply chain to protect your confidential projects. By evaluating everything from due diligence audits, contract manufacturing, to logistics, T-Sec can set up you operations flow to run smoother with security integrated into the process.  


High Profile & Confidential Events

Whether an event is seeking global attention or your preference is to fly under the radar, T-Sec can help manage all the moving pieces. From vendor management and car services, to credentialing systems, T-Sec works to ensure your guests have a great experience while maintaining confidentiality.


Protection for PR and Marketing Programs

Whether it's a PR tour before an announcement, influencer campaign leading up to a launch, or marketing photo shoot for a new product, go-to-market planning can include many variables that are often overlooked by traditional security teams. T-Sec provides services in site scouting, live set credentialing, vendor management, and more to prepare these environments and campaigns for confidentiality — significantly mitigating the risk of leaks. 


Global Mapping Initiatives

As user experiences enter a world of augmented reality and autonomous technology, there is an underground race to capture 3D renderings and spatial mapping of the world. T-Sec has experience in coordinating mapping projects globally whether it be air, land, or sea to help maximize competitive advantage.

Site Security Reviews

T-Sec can quickly perform a site security review for event venues, vendor offices, contract manufacturers, and more. The goal for the site reviews is to measure the risk of your projects operating in these spaces as they relate to the most high-priority risks to your business.


Confidential Off-sites, Sessions, & Meetings

Privacy is important, but sometimes a fresh environment can help spark your team's creative energy. T-Sec can help identify venues that meet our privacy standards and your creative needs. If you're prepping for legal processions, critical design reviews, or just looking to getaway from the office, T-Sec can help set you up to let you focus on your projects.